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I got bored of seeing the same old simple geometry in my games, so I decided to do something about it. I knew it was posibly to render 3D Studio Max files in OpenGL but I didn't know where to start. So I searched Google and found this very helpful page on the matter. I first downloaded the code, and tried to use it. With a little time, I got something to show up. I think this project really taught me about textures more than anything else as the texture didn't load properly. My current texture loader is limited to bitmaps and targa (32bit/pixel) images only. But I digress, the point of this project was to make a 3DS file importer for OpenGL, and this was achieved with someone else's code.

With the above said, I did wrap the whole messy business of loading, storing, and drawing in a class or two. Now, you can create an instance of a model class with the filename, call load, unload, and draw.

Notice in the download, there is a white sphere. This represents the source of a spot ligth that is directed downward.


Something interesting

One unit in 3D Studio Max is one unit in OpenGL. E.g. make a 1 by 1 by 1 cube in 3DSMax, import it into OpenGL next to a cube of 1 unit (as an OpenGL primitive), and there are the same size. This isn't really surprising, but it is good to know that neither OpenGL or 3DSMax have some crazy interpretation of "one".


What does this demonstrate?

This shows very clearly that I can use someone else's code almost untouched.